We are a Belgian energy company based in Brussels, capital of Europe, with large international (France, Spain, Denmark, Finland,

Ireland, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands) and overseas ambitions (Canada, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, U.S.A., Mexico, Chili, ...).


What we do is mainly facilitating solar energy projects as a total concept in which product and EPC as a service are woven as one package.


Our strategy is to use niche technology used in niche products to apply in niche markets :


• MWT cells as technology

• Flexible Thin Solar Film as product

• Markets which have not been served by the solar industry over the last years


We bring solutions in case of technical limits, esthetical requirement and legal difficulties. We bring solutions!


Our focus is on 10 different markets worldwide:


7 of them are in fixed asset markets



3 of our markets are in floating assets:


   1. Flexible Thin Solar film used on rooftops of buses for public transport

   2. Flexible Thin Solar Film used on the rooftop of refrigerated trucks & trailers

   3. Flexible Thin Solar Film used on barges on inner rivers


The use of solar energy on those markets is not to power the engine of the bus, truck or barges.

The purpose is to