Grid-Connected System: Simulation parameters
Project : Grid-Connected Project at Anderlecht
Geographical Site Anderlecht Country Belgium
Situation Latitude 50.8°N Longitude 4.3°E
Time defined as Legal Time Time zone UT+1 Altitude 18 m
Albedo 0.20
Meteo data: Brussels Synthetic - Meteonorm 7.1 (1991-2009), Sat=8%
Simulation variant : New simulation variant
Simulation date 13/02/17 15h19
Simulation parameters
Collector Plane Orientation Tilt 0° Azimuth 0°
Models used Transposition Perez Diffuse Erbs, Meteonorm
Horizon Free Horizon
Near Shadings No Shadings
PV Array Characteristics
Number of PV modules In series 21 modules In parallel 122 strings
Total number of PV modules Nb. modules 2562 Unit Nom.
Array global power Nominal (STC) 948 kWp At operating cond. 859 kWp (50°C)
Array operating characteristics (50°C) U mpp 596 V I mpp 1441 A
Total area Module area 6656 m²
Inverter Model Sunny Tripower 60-10
Manufacturer SMA
Characteristics Operating Voltage 570-800 V Unit Nom. Power 60 kWac
Inverter pack Nb. of inverters 15 units Total Power 900 kWac
PV Array loss factors
Thermal Loss factor Uc (const) 20.0 W/m²K Uv (wind) 0.0 W/m²K / m/s
Wiring Ohmic Loss Global array res. 6.8 mOhm Loss Fraction 1.5 % at STC
Module Quality Loss Loss Fraction -2.5 %
Module Mismatch Losses Loss Fraction 0.8 % at MPP
Incidence effect, ASHRAE parametrization IAM = 1 - bo (1/cos i - 1) bo Param. 0.03
User's needs : Unlimited load (grid)
The Anderlecht or Kuregem slaughterhouse in Brussels (in French: Les Abattoirs d'Anderlecht) illustrates exquisitely the industrial architecture of the nineteenth century. The site in Kuregem, has important swampy areas and is conveniently located on the Brussels-Charleroi canal, close to a railway line. Two bronze bulls mark the main entrance.
S.M.I.E. and TOTAL SOLAR have signed an NDA & LOI to develop a large number of projects in the Belgian Heritage market.